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Keech 3D in the media

This section contains articles, interviews, photos and videos from Keech 3D and those featured in local, national and industry specific media. Reading these articles will ensure you stay up to date with all Keech 3D news and events.

Keeping bikes on straight and narrow - 28-October-2014

Max Kettle, of Bendigo, designed the bicycle laser alignment tool (BLAT) after being frustrated by the fiddly job of aligning his own bike by eye. He has had a good response from Cycling Australia and several bicycle shops to which he has given prototypes for testing. Seven prototypes were manufactured by Keech 3D using the latest digital manufacturing techniques.


Keech 3D hits the fashion world - 28-October-2014

Keech 3D has delved into the fashion world, digitally printing a hat featuring the names of all the winners of the Caulfield Cup dating back to 1935.