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Turbine Blades Pass Overseas Test - 07-November-2014

Keech3D prints blades for Katru Eco's turbine

Keech 3D printed the blades for Katru Eco's turbine which has just completed final performance testing. A media release from Katru Eco follows. Katru Eco Inventions announced today that it has completed its final performance testing and analysis to confirm the very high efficiency of its ground breaking IMPLUX Omni-Directional Wind Power Turbine. The series of tests were carried out from late 2013 in Dumaresque Island in the Manning River delta near Taree in country New South Wales. Varan Sureshan, CEO of KATRU said “We were not expecting to achieve IMPLUX’s high potential this early. We were pleasantly surprised as the performance improved throughout the tests to finally reach turbine efficiencies nearly double our initial predictions from computerised simulations carried out in conjunction with Honda F1 in UK. A new theory in wind power which arose out of our early work was presented in 2008 at the European Wind Energy Conference by wind consultants GL Garrad Hassan. We have now been advised that our final testing methodology also sheds new light for testing methods for wind turbines and that this could lead towards better official standards. In January we won a $189,000 Clean Technology Innovation Grant from Ausindustry which got us over the line. With patents secured in major markets such as USA, China and Japan we believe the technology will have great potential and the trade mission will be a great opportunity for us to introduce our unique technology to the world.” The IMPLUX Wind Power Turbine is a highly efficient and safe urban wind solution to generate power directly on-site for use on multi-storey buildings in cities and open spaces.