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Keech3D services

For the highest quality and quickest turnaround

Whether you need a one off prototype for testing or a large run of your final product, Keech 3D Advanced Manufacturing can print exactly what you need.

Product Design

Do you have an idea but not sure where to go? Our one stop service can turn your idea into reality. Let our team of engineers help you develop your product and bring it to market.

3D Scanning

Keech3D 3D Scanning

Utilising the latest blue light scanning technology, Keech 3D can offer a scanning solution tailored to your needs. Reverse engineering becomes a truly practical option, with extremely accurate CAD models generated from detailed scan data.


Keech 3D uses sophisticated 3D modelling software to product and manipulate complex 3D forms. This gives us the ability to:

  • Provide design concepts for you to review
  • Create 3D models from 2D drawings
  • Manipulate 3D models to add parting lines, tapers and shrinkage allowances
  • Produce two dimensional drawings from 3D models

See below for file type specifications:

Your specific file type not listed here? Contact us to discuss.


Keech 3D's prototyping service can speed up your entire production cycle by allowing for affordable, fast, one off production for functional testing in real world environments.

Prototypes can be 3D printed in a range of materials, cut in our 5-axis CNC machine or crafted by hand using traditional techniques. Our unique blend of traditional skills and cutting edge technologies puts the world of prototyping at your fingertips.



With over 100 years of combined experience, our trade qualified patternmakers produce sand casting patterns to the highest standard. While the introduction of CAD technology, 3D printers and extremely accurate CNC cutting machines have revolutionised our industry, the time honoured skills of the master craftsman remain a very necessary and important part of our business.

Our team is experienced in producing patterns from various materials including wood, resin, tooling board, fibreglass, metal and polystyrene.


Tooling can also be created for a range of manufacturing processes including:

  • Rubber-plaster moulding
  • RTV moulding
  • Vacuum forming
  • Rota moulding
  • Injection Moulding
  • Stamping
  • Carbon Fibre

Using digital manufacturing for short run tooling is a cost effective way to bring products to market very quickly.

End Use

Keech 3D produces end use parts for a variety of industries using the digital manufacturing process. This method of manufacturing reduces costs, allows for greater customisation, improves product quality and performance and drastically reduces production cycle times.

Additional benefits of digital manufacturing include:

  • No wasted materials
  • Saves money - no tooling required
  • Minimal cost for product revisions and improvements
  • Designs can be quickly changed allowing flexible production and mass customisation
  • Allows for continuous product improvement
  • Better end products will increase sales
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs
  • Improves innovation
  • Eliminates labour intensive production steps
  • Allows us to produce virtually anything