... the digital revolution

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Any industry, any product

Use digital manufacturing to give you the edge over the competition.

Accelerate the entire production process - from CAD drawing to end use products with Keech 3D's digital manufacturing technology.

From concept to low volume production, Keech 3D Advanced Manufacturing has the solutions you're after.


Concept Models

3D printing is an affordable and fast way to evaluate the early stages of product development.

Functional Prototypes

Digital manufacturing produces usable items - making testing in real-world environments easy. The speed and affordability of our digital prototypes allows you to modify your design time and time again.

End-use Part Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing dramatically reduces the expense and lead times experienced by traditional tooling and manufacturing methods.

Take your product to market faster than ever before with Keech 3D Advanced Manufacturing.

Industries using digital manufacturing technologies include...


Get your product to market in record time. Flexible and durable production-grade thermoplastics are used to produce functional commercial parts able to withstand temperatures up to 200°C, resist mild solvents and petroleum-based liquids while maintaining high accuracy.

Consumers and Inventors

Digital manufacturing makes production and prototyping faster and more affordable for the backyard tinkerer. Keech 3D can produce fully functional and testable prototypes with the speed and affordability demanded by the consumer industry.


Digital manufacturing is extremely efficient - producing no waste, saving time and money. Use our environmentally efficient processes to produce renewable energy products and solutions.


Digital manufacturing technologies are commonly used by aerospace design engineers for concept modelling and prototyping. The variety of thermoplastics available provides enormous flexibility and allows us to cater for various applications such as jigs, fixtures, check gauges and even finished products.


FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling)

FDM was developed by Stratasys (USA). FDM is a technology that builds items layer-by-layer using thermoplastics. Complex parts are able to be ‘printed’ using a range of production-grade materials.


Similar to inkjet printing, PolyJet technology can print layers of liquid photopolymer that is cured with UV light. Very thin layers can be produced using this method, making it perfect for complex shapes and fine details.


The most cost effective solution, ideal for the consumer market and affordable prototyping. This technology utilises standard copy paper as the media and can be printed in full colour.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

Consistent, flexible and accurate, CNC technology has been available for many years and allows us to produce prototypes and patterns from Acrylic, Acetyl, Aluminum, Chemical Wood, Foam, Nylon and Zinc. CNC technology is ideal for testing product wear, snap features, durability and overall strength.