Keech 3D | Patternmaking
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How do we make a pattern for you?

With over 100 years of combined experience, our trade qualified patternmakers produce sand casting patterns to the highest standard. While the introduction of CAD technology, 3D printers and extremely accurate CNC cutting machines have revolutionised our industry, the time-honoured skills of ourĀ master craftsmen continue to remainĀ a very necessary and important part of our business.

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The first step is to supply us with your information. This can be in the form of a drawing, a model, a sample (for us to reverse engineer) or a concept. From this information our engineers and designers will get to work, creating the digital basis for your pattern.

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From here, we can produce a pattern in several ways:

  • By hand
  • State of the art CNC machine for fast and effective patterns
  • 3D printing for complex objects up to 900mm
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Patterns can be handmade from timber, tooling boards, polystyrene or plastics such as polyurethane or gel coat fibreglass. Our CNC machine works with tooling board, polystyrene and timber, while our 3D printers use a variety of materials from paper to metal.